The Versatile Artist Hans Wachsmann Has Cast His Artistic
Spell Across the Industry with ‘Hm-Hm Zauberhaft’

Hans Wachsmann, the gifted singer and songwriter has made every listener fall in love with his fascinating skills in the recently released track ‘Hm-Hm Zauberhaft’.

The talented and versatile artist Hans Wachsmann is certainly one of those very rare artists that can be trusted for gifting tracks that have been designed with expressive songwriting, authentic vibes, and stunning presentations. Some of his latest tracks, such as ‘Delirium – Electro Swing’ and ‘Tauwetter’ have made the audience go crazy over his artistic skills. However, one such track that has forced the audience to get drowned within creative brilliance and impeccable artistic knowledge, is ‘Hm-Hm Zauberhaft’. This track is truly euphoria for the fans of music.

The artist has been consistently reflecting his creative skills of making Swing in the style of old singers, accompanied by modern-day instrumentation and musical ingredients. Being a guitarist himself, the artist is well-aware of the need of good instrumentation in the presentation of any track, which is pretty evident from the sound design of the track ‘Hm-Hm Zauberhaft’. This track is certainly the epitome of his musical greatness, which has been presented through an impeccable production. The passion and intensity with which the artist has carried this track is simply breathtaking.

Engineered under Electro Swing Thing Records, this track is a German version of the famous hit by Czech composer Leopold Korbar, with lyrics from Günther Schwenn and Peter Schaeffers. This is however a more enchanting and soothing version made by Hans Wachsmann with Wolfgang Lohr as producer. This track is certainly a treat for the fans of this genre, which they can listen to over the digital music streaming platform of Spotify and SoundCloud. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram 👉 HERE!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-05-28