Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes Come Together To
Fascinate The Audience With ‘Intergalactic’

Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes collaborate to bring the best out of the elements presented through ‘Intergalactic’. The track has impressed the entire Electro Swing scene.

Renowned producer cum composer Riff Kitten has made a great mark on the music industry with his impeccable production skills in his tracks. With his debut album ‘Seven Stories’, he cast a majestic impact on the minds of the audience. Combining his immense potential with the singing and songwriting skills of the talented Alanna Lyes, he has enchanted the audience with their new release.  The UK based Electro Swing vocalist has breathed life into the structure of the track ‘Intergalactic’. The stylish vibes of the track have made everyone fall in love with them.

Produced under the label name of Electro Swing Thing Records, this track is the pinnacle of artistic skills, reflected by both the artists. The stunning arrangement of the track is what has stolen the thunder. The musical ingredients have been placed perfectly within the structural development of ‘Intergalactic’, helping in magnifying the overall effect of the presentation. Be it the instrumentation or the sound design, this track has captured each element perfectly and projection of such elements has made things appear in a greater way.

The colorful fusion of Neo Swing, Chill Out, and Electronic influences presented through this track is incredibly supreme. The track has introduced the audience with some new elements of the genre, captivating the hearts of the audience within the depth of the musicality. Both Riff Kitten and Alanna Lyes have done tremendously well in keeping the audience engaged through the platform of Spotify.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-05-15