PiSk Remix Review

Methodic Electro Swing Tones In PiSk’s
Remix Of ‘Upside Down’ Is Impactful

Circular tunes structured and remixed by PiSk’s remix of ‘Upside Down’ is an intense crossover between Disco House and Electro Swing.

The perspective of musical standards is being redefined with infinite creative freedom by the consolidated musical efforts of Electro Swing virtuoso Wolfgang Lohr, dynamic sound engineer Pisk, and the funky swing modulations of singer Alanna Lyes. Their new release version of ‘Upside Down’ mixed and structured into a contemporary hybrid of Disco and Swing themes by PiSk restores identifying characteristics of impulse and musical constituency in all its glory. He has integrated and promoted his exposure of tonal distortions and breaks and utilized the vocal coordination of Alanna Lyes in the backdrop of record label Electro Swing Thing’s media head Wolfgang Lohr’s colossal production wisdom to give the remix version of ‘Upside Down’ its cultural identity.

Looking into the creative modules of the three sound sorcerers, it is quite evident that hybrid collaboration has to be bigger than life. Wolfgang Lohr is already a steady name in the spectrum of Electro Swing while PiSk has implemented his engineering virtues and sound modulations in the arrangement of numerous chart-topping songs. With Alanna Lyes contributing to this essence of musical unpredictability and auditory resonance, the three of them together emerge as a symbiotic association ready to take on the world with their virtues of musical expansion.

‘Upside Down’ consists of three versions, Radio Edit, the Club Mix and Instrumental that modulates the collective flavors as and when required in the backdrop of the performing platform. The interpretation may be ambiguous but the three artists have nurtured their musical brainchild to attain the epitome of motivation, musical closure, and the definitions of creative opulence!

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Review: IssueWireDate: 2019-12-20

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