Review: G.Pantelidis – Retro Zebra

G.Pantelidis’s latest Neo Swing number ‘Retro Zebra’ offers an exciting escape from the monotony of contemporary music with its exceptional melodic resonance.

Rising electronic music producer and DJ George Pantelidis, mostly known as G.Pantelidis has dropped another hit electro-swing banger named ‘Retro Zebra’on all major streaming platforms. The track is rich in nostalgic jazz and swing resonance with a poised embedment of modern electronic rhythmic cadence. The dynamic instrumentation in the track serves as the reminiscent of the past thematic glory producing unique and retro sound and texture. The songwriter-music producer has showcased incredible artistic precision and devotion in crafting his marvelous soundscape.

Working in the field since 1988, the prolific musician has developed several styles of electronic music that he utilizes to give each of his creations a unique panache. His style ranges from progressive house and trance to deep melodic and soulful funky house to melodic house and techno. In 1996 he released and had a huge hit back in 1996 in the Goa trance scene with the name ‘Psychonauts’, released in his own label ‘Echidna’ in vinyl and CD compilations distributed by Sony music Germany, Discobole, and others.

Hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece, G.Pantelidis has introduced his phenomenal artistry to the world working with the renowned production house Electro Swing Thing Records. His latest release ‘Retro Zebra’ is a blend of a vintage feel and modern club beats with a groovy bass line presented in a single thematic delicacy. The neo-swing track is bound to become an anthem for contemporary club-goers. His vast collection includes popular soundtracks like ‘Lush Goo’, ‘Flight Light’, ‘Aegean Sea’, ‘Asian Sunset’, and more.

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Review by ISSUEWIRE Date: 2020-11-10