Witness The Marriage Of Classic Swing Beats & Modern
Electro Riffs In Schinowatz’s ‘Snake Eyes’

The powerful blend of minimalistic jazzy tunes and harmonic electro instrumentation denotes Schinowatz’s ‘Snake Eyes’, the alluring revival of a classic tune.

The eccentric combination of swing music and electronic dance music has proved to be a match made in heaven with its astonishing tonal majesty. A well-known figure in the electro-swing genre, Schinowatz is all set to introduce the vintage swing sonic elements with a hint of his modern electro beats in his latest track ‘Snake Eyes’. The song is a remodeled version of a classic by Tiny Parham from 1928, exuding a bouncing Electro Swing cracker laced with modern club beats.

Armed with his experience as a DJ and musician of twenty years, the well-seasoned artist has a special gift of dropping the right tune at the right moment, leaving his audience spellbound. The old school jazzy sound incorporated with his futuristic techno beats formulates a symphony of pure acoustic pleasure that knocks the audience off their feet. Experimenting with diverse genres and grooves, he has managed to establish a unique soundscape projecting an inimitable and compelling instrumental funk with a hint of nostalgia.

Hailing from Austria, the talented musician brings his skills and experience into his very authentic and classic swing house number ‘Snake Eyes’. The song is opulent with breathtaking classical instrumental tonalities incorporated with contemporary EDM tunes. The track imparts the artist’s thoughts and emotions through its positive sonic vibe. Working under the production house Electro Swing Thing Records, ‘Schini’ mostly known by his stage name Schinowatz has produced some surreal symphonies in his other creations like ‘Satisfy’, ‘FQ The Biz’, ‘Selectrophob’, and ‘Trippin’. Follow him on Spotify, Facebook, SoundCloud, and Instagram for more HERE!

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-06-17