Review: Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody

Szigeti Juli is ready to make your legs move with their outstanding Electro Swing Cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody’.

The iconic blend of classic swing music and contemporary electro beats has given birth to the modern Electro Swing genre encapsulating the spirit of both musical forms. Eminent Neo Swing band Szigeti Juli has emerged into the global music scene with their incredible Jazzy flavors wrapped around the hypnotic electro tunes. Their latest Electro Swing cover ‘Ain’t Nobody’, originally by Chaka Khan is a wonderful rendition of a rare versatility that captures the great old style of Swing along with the modern rhythms creating a symphony of absolute perfection.

The four-piece band consisting of Juli, the singer, Apor, the drummer on a drum pad, Zoli, the guitarist, and Máté, the saxophonist was founded 1.5 years ago with the goal to make people happy with their work and make people dance to great music. The pulsating and unique combination of diverse instrumental and acoustic beats of their soundscape uplifts the spirit of the entire generation bringing out the true essence of their extraordinary artistry.

The Hungary-based Electro Swing band has nailed their new Electro Swing cover of ‘Ain’t Nobody’ originally by Chaka Khan, bringing out the eccentric spirit and mood of summer. The song delivers phenomenal Swing melodies that align perfectly with the futuristic electro groove forming a scenic canvas for the frontwoman Juli’s breathtaking singing dexterity. Well versed in diverse instrumental and acoustic elements, the band Szigeti Juli is determined to leave their mark in the ever-growing industry working under the production house Electro Swing Thing Records. Follow them on Spotify, Facebook, and Instagram for future updates.

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Review by IssueWire Date: 2020-08-18