VNP – Varrick Frost Remix

REVIEW: Electro Swing Is Getting Extra Attention
With The ‘Very Nice People’ Remix By Varrick Frost

Let your energy outburst with another new project by the music label Electro Swing Thing. This time the track is ‘Very Nice People (Varrick Frost Remix)’ streaming on all platforms!

It’s not for the first time that Wolfgang Lohr’s production House and Electro Swing is making the news. The year 2019, has been a very lucky year from the House with numerous releases and back to back hits from Lohr and his collaborations with some of the selective artists and DJs he has known. However, this fall, the Electro Swing music scene is going to the next level with ‘Very Nice People (Varrick Frost Remix)’ now streaming on Spotify. Like always, Lohr has teamed up with yet another talented newbie named Varrick Frost whose creative genius in mixing and mastering ‘Very Nice People’ in several versions is making him popular amongst music nerds. Jive into Spotify without giving any further thought.

The rising artist cum producer Varrick Frost from Hamburg is at the verge of success in his music career. His music pieces are blended using the best elements of Electro Swing riffs and beats that deliver a contemporary soundscape powered with the melodic beauty of swing music. Varrick masters on playing different instruments as well, with special reference trumpet and saxophone.

Varrick does not limit himself in keeping with only the core components of Electro Swing; he infuses his tracks with Funk, DNB and Techno. ‘Very Nice People (Varrick Frost Remix)’ is the party anthem you are looking for. Listen, feel and connect with this excellent track right on all platforms. Know more about Varrick Frost by following him on Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to subscribe to his YouTube channel!

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Review: livenewsviews.com Date: 2019-09-30

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