Kiwistar & Red Oak Has Quashed Myths With The
Brilliant Instrumental ‘Whistling Journey’

Kiwistar and Red Oak have bedazzled the audience with their classic instrumental ‘Whistling Journey’. They have shown their prowess in House and Electro Swing genre.

Kiwistar and Red Oak are accomplished DJ and producer and they have collaborated to dish out the most amazing instrumental ‘Whistling Journey’ which also features Josh and Le Chat. Kiwistar is based out of Paris and French – Indian and Red Oak is based out of Lyon. They have an avant-garde production house which is called ‘Electro Swing Thing Records’. Both are very popular in the electro-swing and house genre. A funky style with a jazzy overtone is introduced by them which have created a lot of ecstasy among the audience. Their music is diverse and has an eclectic appeal. You can find the fascinating posts made by them by plugging into their Facebook profile.

In the instrumental ‘Whistling Journey’ by Kiwistar and Red Oak there is an immaculate passion. There is a multi-layered chaotic ambiance in the instrumental which is colorful and chequered. The track has a beautiful progression that has creative brilliance and intensity. The vibrancy is quite amazing. The intriguing energy expresses the flamboyance of the musicians. The latest videos and pictures of the music duo can be found if you peep into their Instagram handle.

Kiwistar and Red Oak have belted out the superlative instrumental ‘Whistling Journey’ which has also got a club mix version. The funk in the instrumental makes it very peppy and cool. The instrumental has got a natty feel to it which is profoundly hard-hitting and uplifting. The performance in the instrumental is stunning and has flabbergasted the audience. Major streaming apps like Spotify air their brilliant instrumentals.

Main-Link for all platforms: Stream & Download “Whistling Journey” Here!

Review: IssueWire Date: 2020-02-18