Riff Kitten

After graduating Cum Laude from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory / Composition, Andrew Reilly immediately sought opportunities as a composer-for-media. His classical education paid off, giving him the tools to create almost any type of music, from an 8-bit soundtrack to an Xbox video game (Lodestar 1000), to an electro-pop groove in a viral bacon-scented cologne commerical (Farginnay), to melodic dubstep for a local 3D Printing brand (Protolabs). With each project, he took great care to fulfill the expectations of his clients, thriving in the opportunities to capture the ‘perfect’ sound for them. But as time went on, he wanted to do even more with music, and his muse urged him to start composing the music he had always dreamed of making. Thus in early 2019, Riff Kitten was born, an electronic music project dedicated to his own unique musical voice. Treating each piece as a ‘diary’ – a brief snapshot of his momentary feelings, he released his debut album ‘Seven Stories’ in March 2019 on M-Sol Records. With that album, he paved the way for a melodic, eclectic sound that combines the slow energy of Downtempo with the hypnotic ambience of New Age, with minimalistic beats and layered forms that subtly morph into new ideas. With Riff Kitten, there are few musical expectations besides quality, because Andrew enjoys incorporating something new in each release, from jazzy Swing, to Soul, to Rock, and even Church Music. His belief that every genre has something to teach assures that his creations never go stale, and his open attitude toward musical influences leads to great creativity and inspiration. Today, he composes whenever he gets the chance, journalling his unnamed feelings through the art of music.