New Album Announcement By Smokey Joe & The Kid

After a break of almost 4 years, they are back and have recorded a new album. The Swing Hop heroes from France have so far only posted one photo with the words “Oh oh, seems like the recording of the new album is over since … just now!”

The last Smokey Joe & The Kid album “Running To The Moon” is from 2016 and their last release, the “Take Control” EP, is from March 2017. We are already very excited and are very curious to see what to expect!

Smokey Joe & The Kid is the union of two Bordeaux beatmakers who are enthusiastic about US hip-hop and bass music as well as the groove of 20th century melodies.

A determined Hip Hop bias towards samples, always inspired by the repertoire of traditional American music like Swing, Jazz and other genres. They are one of the most famous and inspiring Swing Hop acts in recent years.