Spring Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2021

It’s that time of year! The birds are singing, the bees are buzzing and the sun is slowly creeping up from the sinking… yes, spring is finally back again.

And so we selected and curated this happy “Spring Swing Mix 2021” for you, which should give you courage and hope in these difficult times. We have loads of fresh Electro Swing for you in the bag, which is so ready for spring.

Enjoy #SpringSwing at its best in our new mix on all platforms or select the Spotify playlist “Spring Swing – Electro Swing 2021”! 🌱🐝🌷

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Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, Bart&Baker, Wolfgang Lohr, Odd Chap, Betty Booom, LVDS, Emma Clair, Deladap, PiSk, Mr. Jazzek, Alanna Lyes, The Electric Swing Circus, 11 Acorn Lane, Lily Mizusaki, C@ In The H@, Offbeat, Szigeti Juli, Glenn Gatsby, Sonia Elisheva, Tallulah Goodtimes, SPEKRFREKS, Zouzoulectric, Nina Zeitlin, Ashley Slater, Emma Lea, Little Violet, Nicolle Rochelle, Shon Abram, Melinda Stoika, DYES IWASAKI and Mr.Moss


0:00:00 Spring Swing 2021 Intro
0:00:10 Jamie Berry feat. Little Violet – Guilty Pleasure
0:03:12 Wolfgang Lohr & Offbeat feat. Nina Zeitlin – Swing In Spring (Betty Booom Remix)
0:06:06 Deladap – Get Down and Boogie
0:08:55 Wolfgang Lohr feat. Emma Lea & Ashley Slater – Keep On Smilin (Club Mix)
0:13:33 Parov Stelar – Red Cat
0:17:49 Betty Booom feat. Ashley Slater – Wellerman
0:20:06 11 Acorn Lane – Crazy Cat
0:22:41 Szigeti Juli – Light
0:25:51 SPEKRFREKS – Blue Rhapsody
0:29:36 Bart&Baker feat. Nicolle Rochelle – Hey You (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:34:26 Upside Down (PiSk Remix) Wolfgang Lohr feat. Alanna Lyes
0:37:28 Odd Chap feat. Shon Abram – September
0:40:13 Tallulah Goodtimes – Universal Love
0:42:56 Electric Swing Circus – Minotaur (C@ In The H@ Remix)
0:46:55 Emma Clair feat. Alanna Lyes – Sisters Are Doin It For Themselves
0:50:00 Deladap & Wolfgang Lohr feat. Melinda Stoika – Make Swing Great Again
0:53:23 Mr. Jazzek – Break It Up
0:55:48 DYES IWASAKI feat. Lily Mizusaki – Epilogue (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:59:15 Szigeti Juli – Don’t Stop
1:02:12 Electric Swing Circus – Invisible Man (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
1:07:24 Mr.Moss – Habib
1:10:15 SPEKRFREKS – Can’t Stop
1:14:49 LVDS & Szigeti Juli – Ain’t Nobody (Electro Swing Mix)
1:18:22 Wolfgang Lohr feat. Nina Zeitlin – Saturday Night
1:21:24 Zouzoulectric – The Caravan
1:24:05 Glenn Gatsby & Sonia Elisheva – Every Now And Then
1:26:51 Swing In Spring (LVDS Swing Hop Remix) Wolfgang Lohr & Offbeat feat. Nina Zeitlin
1:29:53 Spring Swing 2021 Outro