Spring Swing – Electro Swing Mix 2022

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping…yes, it’s that season we have all been waiting for. Spring is finally back and along with it comes our annual Spring Swing playlist to set the scene for your revival.

It’s been two years and we just can’t wait to live again, can we? So, get ready for your favorite Electro Swing artists – among them Jamie Berry, Mr. Jazzek, and many more – all in one place 🎶

Enjoy #SpringSwing at its best in our new mix on all platforms or select the Spotify playlist “Spring Swing 2022”! 🌱🐝🌷

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Parov Stelar, Odd Chap, Wolfgang Lohr, Jamie Berry, PiSk, Swingrowers, Betty Booom, Glenn Gatsby, Electric Swing Circus, Retronic, Klischée, Marina & The Kats, Julian Grey, Mista Trick, Elle & The Pocket Belles, DELADAP, Mr. Jazzek, Balduin, Kate Thomas, The Hebbe Sisters, Masha Ray, Lyre Le Temps, DanyloM, LVDS, Iolanda Boban, Emma Lea, Duke Skellington, Ashley Slater, Atom Smith, Lamuzgueule, Swing’it, Tape Five, Wlad Ginzburg, ROMZN, Speakeasy Streets and C@ In The H@


0:00:00 Spring Swing 2022 Intro
0:00:09 Retronic – Bridgerton Swing
0:02:51 Cut Capers – Get Movin’
0:06:04 Marina & The Kats – Pressure (Klischée Remix)
0:09:17 Julian Grey – Lucky One
0:11:47 Mista Trick & Elle & The Pocket Belles – Golden Sound (PiSk Remix)
0:14:52 DELADAP & Wolfgang Lohr – Easy Kiss
0:17:40 Mr. Jazzek – Bad Habit
0:20:16 Parov Stelar – Toy Boy
0:23:15 Electric Swing Circus – Gravity
0:27:41 Balduin feat. Kate Thomas – Hep Cat Boogie
0:31:00 The Hebbe Sisters – Jazz It Up and Move (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:33:41 Swingrowers – Wannabe
0:36:31 Masha Ray – Levan Polka (Dancing Donkey Mix)
0:39:25 Glenn Gatsby – Peace Polka Swing
0:42:38 Odd Chap & Lyre Le Temps – (Hey, Brother) What Have You Done?
0:45:36 Wolfgang Lohr, Emma Lea & Ashley Slater – Keep On Smilin (Intro Jingle)
0:45:41 DanyloM & Betty Booom – The Barber
0:48:34 LVDS & Iolanda Boban – Seven Nation Army
0:51:37 Duke Skellington feat. Emma Lea – Boomtown Boom
0:55:47 Retronic – Again
0:58:26 Lamuzgueule – Cookie Monster (Atom Smith Remix)
1:01:48 Parov Stelar feat. Vallemarie – Candy Girl
1:04:28 Swing’it – King Of The Conga (Glenn Gatsby Remix)
1:10:36 Tape Five – Backdoor Strut
1:14:06 Wlad Ginzburg – Tacheles (ROMZN Remix)
1:17:05 Ashley Slater – Godzilla
1:20:12 Electric Swing Circus – Kicking up Dirt
1:23:30 Tape Five – Tommy Gun Shuffle
1:26:29 Jamie Berry feat. Rosie Harte – Peeping Tom
1:29:52 Speakeasy Streets – Speakeasy Song (C@ In The H@ Remix)
1:34:05 Spring Swing 2022 Outro