Stay Home For Health & Future!

Millions of Italians have to stay at home because of the corona virus, but can still make music on balconies. From north to south, people stood at the same time with instruments or sang on their balconies or at the windows to sing songs against fear, loneliness and boredom in isolation!

The rest of Europe and many other countries around the world could also be close to being closed. Italy should therefore be a good example of not losing the joy of life, the courage and the hope. We can only survive the COVID-19 crisis together and be united with music!

Mr. Jazzek feat. Felipe Céspedes delivers his music video as #StayHome message with the emotional balcony scenes from Italy. The cover of “Funiculi Funicula”, an old Neapolitan song composed by Luigi Denza in 1880 to lyrics by Peppino Turco, will not be officially released until April 10th by Electro Swing Thing Records. But Mr. Jazzek, DJ, organizer and producer from Szczecin in Poland, would like to direct this appeal to everyone right now in such a situation. That’s why we would like spreat it to the world. We have a chance to break the virus chains together with social distancing! 😷🏥🏠

With Electro Swing against the corona crisis: #SwingTheFuckHome ❤️

Official “Funiculi Funicula” Video on YouTube HERE!