Satol F @ Streampunk 4 – Online Festival (DJ Set)

Satoru Fujii a.k.a. SATOL F, a pioneer of Reggae and REBEL MUSIC DJ in Japan since the 1980s, and a legendary person who has been active as a club DJ in Tokyo. After serving as DJ at Tsubaki House, P.Picasso, Mix, etc., he formed CARIB BEAN DANDY with DJ Toru Matsuoka (CLUB SKA) and Kazuhiro Sudo (THE ZOOT 16).

The unique DJ style that evenly intersects various music such as SKA, MESTIZO, CUMBIA, PATCHANKA, PUNK while always echoing REGGAE is engraved in the history of Japanese DJ, deeply rooted in the nights of various parts of Japan. Participated in many JAPONICUS events in Japan.

Overseas, he appeared in STREET BEAT FESTIVAL, Italy in 2005, and went on a US tour in 2009, 2012 and a European tour in 2011, 2012, 2015, 2016 in Spain, France and Basque. Performing in front of 15,000 spectators at ACTUAL FESTIVAL 2011 held in Spain and adorning the headline of the SKA CLUB stage of the world’s largest Reggae festival ROTOTOM SUNSPLASH 2012 is also fresh in my memory.

In Japan, he has appeared in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL from 2008 to 2019, and has appeared in numerous festivals such as RADICAL MUSIC NETWORK, EARTH GARDEN, NATURAL HIGH!, and DOWN BEAT RULER. In addition to the monthly regular DJs at CLANDESTINO and STAR TIME in Morioka, he performed with world-class artists such as RICO RODRIGUEZ, ROY ELLIS, MANU CHAO, GAZ MAYALL, THE BEAT, THE SLACKERS, NATEN MAXWELL & THE ORIGINAL BUNNY GANG from FLOGGING MOLLY, RUDE Hi-Fi, VERY BE CAREFUL, and DJ SCRATCHY from THE CLASH.

Satol F has also successfully toured around the world, including South Korea and Taiwan in 2017, South Korea, Basque and Catalonia in 2018, and South Korea and Italy in 2019. On the other hand, although it was almost impossible in 2020, he also plays at Cafe Lavanderia, Club Ball, Club CACTUS, and Franken’s bride.

NOW ENJOY: Satol F @ Streampunk 4 – Electro Swing Online Festival (February 27th 2021) Japan Edition

❤️ Lovingly presented by Electro Swing Japan, Electro Swing Thing and Kumiho ❤️

LINEUP: Moeko Okabe, Satol F (Caribbeandandy), Masami Makino, Vinyldj Eiji Takehana (JAZZ BROTHES)