Welcome Back 20’s – Electro Swing Mix 3

It’s a wrap and we’re going into the third round! Our “Welcome Backs 20’s Mix 1” already has over 3.1 million plays on YouTube and our “Mix 2” is heading for half a million. With the 3rd episode of our Welcome Back Twenties Mixing Series, Wolfgang Lohr has once again dug deep into the Electro Swing universe in order to find 37 treasures and pearls that meet the Roaring Twenties topic well.

He has compiled this big bag of gold to a stunning mix. It’s a time travel with a few almost forgotten classics and current releases from the last few years.

The 20’s are 100 years ago and the Golden Twenties 2.0 have only just begun. Let yourself be enchanted for over 100 minutes, forget about everyday life and diveinto the world of vintage nostalgia, and bigband sounds, mixed with fat club beats from the 2020’s!

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We have to say thank you for all the great comments and your support, this is absolutely fantastic and amazing what happened to the series. And now let’s #MakeSwingGreatAgain! 🔥💃🎩🙌

Including Artists

Bart&Baker, Parov Stelar, Jamie Berry, PiSk, Betty Booom, Glenn Gatsby, Odd Chap, Little Violet, Wolfgang Lohr, Szigeti Juli, Grant Lazlo, DJ Mibor, Mr. Jazzek, LVDS, Atom Smith, Pep’s Show Boys, The Hebbe Sisters, Swing’it, Louie Prima, J Fitz, Octavia Rose, DUHAN, Miriam Sutter, Dreams Shadow,DanyloM, La PetitOrchestre, LePortier, Marty & his Rockin’ Comets, Robert Edwards, DJ Dunya, Jazzotron, Johnny Lectro, Haylen, Jesse Rose, Brigantine, Giorgio, REEST & WAZGOGG


0:00:00 Welcome Back 20’s – INTRO
0:00:06 Jamie Berry – Lost in the Rhythm (PiSk Remix)
0:03:33 The Hebbe Sisters & Wolfgang Lohr – It Don’t Mean A Thing
0:06:24 Parov Stelar – Chambermaid Mash Up Swing
0:09:46 Ray Collins’ Hot Club – Out of My Mind (Odd Chap Remix)
0:12:06 Louie Prima & Wolfgang Lohr – Black Coffee (20’s Cut)
0:15:27 Swing’it & Sam Norris – Booze Cruise (Electro Swing Spin)
0:18:25 Betty Booom & J Fitz – Puttin’ on the Ritz
0:21:40 Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose – Light up the Night
0:25:01 Bart&Baker – We Are What We Are (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
0:28:17 Odd Chap & Little Violet – Crazy Out There
0:31:19 Glenn Gatsby – Posin
0:34:20 Atom Smith – One For The Road
0:37:24 Sing Sing Sing (Wolfgang Lohr Bootleg Remix)
0:40:22 DJ Mibor – Mad Swing
0:43:24 Betty Booom & La PetitOrchestre – Mr. Sandman
0:46:15 LePortier – Ten Tappin Toes
0:49:04 Wolfgang Lohr & Marty & his Rockin’ Comets – Cheek to Cheek
0:52:07 It Ain’t Right (Odd Chap Remix)
0:54:46 Little Violet & Robert Edwards – PiSk Swing (PiSk Remix)
0:57:46 Wolfgang Lohr – Electro Swing Doop
0:59:44 Mr. Jazzek – Chicago
1:02:23 DJ Dunya – Xyloswing (Jazzotron Remix)
1:05:21 Glenn Miller – In The Mood (Wolfgang Lohr Swing Hop Flip)
1:07:48 Johnny Lectro – Who’s That
1:10:51 Bart&Baker feat. Haylen – It’s In Her Heels (Wolfgang Lohr Remix)
1:13:49 Pep’s Show Boys – 20’s o’Clock
1:16:49 Szigeti Juli – Feel So Happy
1:19:59 Jesse Rose – Fatman (Cantina Band)
1:22:56 DUHAN & Miriam & The Quinces – Let It All Go
1:26:12 Wolfgang Lohr Re-Ain’t She Sweet
1:29:14 Brigantine feat. Giorgio – Pop the Bubbly
1:32:12 Glenn Gatsby – Take It Easy
1:35:02 Dreams Shadow & REEST – Swinging Man
1:37:22 DanyloM & Wolfgang Lohr – Fantasia
1:40:02 Grant Lazlo – Elite
1:42:58 WAZGOGG – Sing Next To Me
1:46:06 LVDS – Wonderful You
1:49:39 Welcome Back 20’s – OUTRO

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